Summer Program, May 30th through August 18th

Children 2-4 years of Age

We will continue to run the 2-4 year old pre-school program this summer.

Children Entering K-1st Grade

A wonderful interactive program designed for children entering kindergarten and first grade.  Children will work in groups on science, sewing, art, nature and cooking projects, water play days and we will continue to work with children on reading, writing, and math skills.  This program may include 1/2 day field trips.  Amount and variety of field trips will vary depending on enrollment and also maturity of the group.

Children  2nd Grade and Up

This program is designed for children entering 2nd grade and up.  Youth programs will be offered Monday through Friday.  Your child may attend daily, or two or three days a week.  The field trip program will run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Youth will leave the facility at 10 am each morning (except on swimming pool days they will leave at 11:00am) and return to the facility between 4 and 5pm each evening.  Each week the activities change but will always include a pool day at the Brigham City Aquatic center or Classic Waterslides.  Outdoor adventure day will include hiking, nature art and other outside nature adventures.  Outdoor adventure day will also include a fun food activity like a trip to Farr’s Ice Cream, a cookie store or other fun food activity that kids select.

Program Cost  (children 2nd grade and up)

There is a $65 non-refundable gas fee that secures your child’s space for the summer.  There is a good chance this program will actually be full this summer so we encourage early registration.

1 Day a Week                     $42/weekly plus field trip fees

2 Days a Week                   $74/weekly plus field trip fees

3 Days a Week                   $94/weekly plus field trip fees

4 Days a Week                   $106/weekly plus field trip fees

5 Days a Week                   $121/weekly plus $22.50 per week for field trip fees

*Program costs for children 1st grade and younger will continue at our hourly rates.  Call for pricing.

All clients may have a one week vacation credit.  There are 12 weeks in the summer session before school starts in August.  Custom quotes are available if you have 3 or more children attending our facility.