The child must know that she/he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”            -Pau (Pablo) Casals

Toddler Programs

2 year old PlaySchool Program

Choose any day of the week and let your 2 year old join us for our Play School program.  Morning sessions are from 9-Noon and afternoon sessions are from 1-4pm.  2 year olds get to participate in a variety of activities including tumbling, riding scooters, painting, water and sand play, music, dance, books and other activities.  A favorite is our Thomas the Tank train set which 2 year olds seem to love.  We also have our dramatic play area with a play kitchen and baby dolls.$14/day Offered Monday – Friday


Registration is now available for 2017/2018

Preschool Programs

Classes start the 1st week of September

Preschool Tumbling

Our tumbling instructor will work with preschoolers to build confidence as they learn and develop coordination, flexibility, and strength.  We will work on our preschool size bar for entry level bar work, balance beam, floor and trampoline.  Students will learn rolls, hand stands and other beginning tumbling and gymnastics skills..$33/month, plus annual registration of $25; ratio 1:5

Mommy and Me – Monday morning 9:45-10:30

Monday afternoons – 12:15 – 1:00 & 1:00 1:45

Thursday afternoons – 12:15-1:00 & 1:00-1:45

Please note:  Pre-school tumbling does not run during the summer


2 & 3 year old Preschool

Introduce your children to numbers, letters, sounds, and math skills in a fun interactive social environment.  There is a heavy emphasis on art and music and learning about our world through our 5 senses.  Additionally our 3 hour program includes ½ of tumbling and physical games in our tumbling room.

M/W/F  9am-Noon        $165/month

T/Th  9am-Noon                         $111/month

4 year old Preschool

Four year olds will continue to explore and learn about the world they live in.  Our four year old preschool develops childrens pre-reading and reading skills and helps them build a solid understanding of numbers and letters.  Additionally teachers focus on preparing children for the Kindergarten classroom and to prepare them for a lifetime of education.  This program emphasizes reading readiness, conceptual math development, learning about communities, science discovery, social skills growth and keeping kids moving.  Students get plenty of opportunity to jump and run and ride as an on-going endeavor of High Altitude Kids to develop healthy activity and life-long love of staying active.  The classes take many field trips and include visitors to bring the real world to them.Our program has a heavy emphasis in art and music as well as a focus on physical activity in our tumbling room.  Children enjoy games with balls, parachutes and the trampoline.

M/W/F  9am-Noon        $165/month


T/Th    9am-Noon         $111/month


M-F      9am-Noon         $275/month



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